Olivia Peterson

[ interior designer ]

  • DEPARTMENT: Design
  • EXPERIENCE: 15 Years
  • EMAIL: olivia.peterson@mail.com
  • PHONE: +1-800-456-478-23


Olivia was elected to judge the 3-rd edition of Dezeen Awards. Having many years of expertise in the design of residential and public spaces — the founder and chief architect of Theratio and author of FAIN will look at the best entries from all over the world. Excited and proud of being named the best in creating offices this year — only 5 small workspace interiors around the world and we are among them! Feeling so powerful to break the boundaries and build new design. Every element of the system is made with exquisite goose down padding to ensure maximum comfort, features cushions finished with a piping that defines their profile and a distinctive aluminium strip, slightly rounded at the edges which skims the floor, in a brand new polished Brandy colour finish.


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